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Skill Works was founded in 2004 to provide quality continuing education to physical therapists. We believe that:

  • Every therapist owes it to his or her patients to strive to reach their highest potential through the relentless and habitual pursuit of clinical excellence.
  • Guided self-reflection is the cornerstone of professional growth and development.
  • The principles of evidence-based practice should guide your clinical decision-making process.
  • Participants in continuing education should be held accountable for the information and skills that are presented. With that in mind we will strive to assess our course participants' learning through the use written, oral and practical examinations.
  • Participants should be able to use the information learned and skills gained during our courses immediately upon return to the clinical setting.
  • The older one gets, the younger old becomes.


Rob Landel, PT, DPT, FAPTA

Board Certified Specialist, Orthopedic Physical Therapy
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Rob Landel is professor of clinical physical therapy in the Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He is the Director of the Entry-level DPT Program and of the Residency Programs at USC.

A graduate of USC in 1984 with a MS degree in physical therapy, Dr. Landel earned his post-professional Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree in 1996. He earned his Certificate in Manual Therapy (MTC) from the Institute of Graduate Health Sciences (now the University of St. Augustine) in 1989, became a Board Certified Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy (OCS) in 1992, and became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) in 2004. In 2012 he was honored as a Catherine Worthingham Fellow of the APTA, the highest member honor in of the APTA, and with the Royce P. Noland Award of Merit from the California Chapter of the APTA, its highest honor. He received the Lucy Blair Service Award from the APTA in 2018.

An accomplished teacher, Dr. Landel has taught orthopedic physical therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, balance retraining and fall prevention to physicians, audiologists, and physical and occupational therapists across the US, Afria, Asia, Europe and Australia. He received the Division of Biokinesiology's Outstanding Teacher Award at USC twice (2005, 2009), the James Gould Excellence in Teaching Orthopedic Physical Therapy Award in 2009 from the Orthopedic Section of the APTA, and the Associates Award for Excellence inTeaching from USC (it's highest faculty teaching award).  He has presented at professional and scientific meetings locally, nationally and internationally. He is on the faculty of the Vestibular Rehabilitation Competency Course series sponsored by Emory University and the APTA, directed by Susan Herdman, PT, PhD. The Cervicogenic Dizziness Competency Course offered by Skill Works is the fourth course in that series.

Dr. Landel began his clinical work at Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center, where besides time in the burn, arthritis and outpatient neurology units he worked with Dr. Jacquelin Perry on the Polio Service. He then worked in outpatient orthopedics until he began teaching part time at USC in 1988. He came to USC on a full time basis in 1989 to continue teaching and to start the faculty practice, USC Physical Therapy Associates. He continues an active practice there, including managing patients with orthopedic and vestibular disorders. He co-founded the USC Orthopedic PT Residency Program in 1998.

Active in the APTA at the national level, Dr. Landel is a past chair of the Orthopedic Specialty Council, charged with writing, updating and maintaining the Board Certification Examination and the re-certification process in Orthopedic Physical Therapy (OCS). Dr. Landel wrote questions for the OCS exam for 5 years prior to joining the Specialty Council, and was a member of the task force that wrote the 2002 Description of Specialty Practice for Orthopedic Physical Therapy. In addition, he served for four years (two as chair) on what is now the American Board of Residency and Fellowship Education (ABPTRFE). During his tenure the number of credentialed programs nearly doubled, including the first residency programs in Neurology and Gerontology and the first Sports Fellowship. He continues his advocacy of long term continuing education and the development of residency programs through Skill Works by providing consultation services to new programs. Besides getting the USC Orthopedic Residency program credentialed he assisted in getting the USC Neurologic Residency program credentialed, and has consulted with several other successfully credentialed programs including the first program in Pediatric Physical Therapy.

Dr. Landel co-authored the chapter on cervicogenic dizziness in the fourth edition of Vestibular Rehabilitation by Susan Herdman. He has also co-authored book chapters in therapeutic exercise for the thoracic spine and knee, published 16 peer reviewed articles on various topics in physical therapy, and authored four invited articles. He is most proud, however, of his three children and their accomplishments.

Chris Sebelski, PT, DPT, OCS

Chris Sebelski is an Assistant Professor at the Program in Physical Therapy at the Doisy College of Health Sciences at Saint Louis University. In the four years that she has been on the faculty, she has coordinated several courses within the musculoskeletal curriculum and facilitated courses within the inter-professional education curriculum focusing on content in ethics and application courses with inter-professional teams of students. Dr. Sebelski graduated from the University of Southern California with a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 1998 and became a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopedics in 2002. She earned her Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) in 2000. In 2008, she completed the Fellowship in Teaching and Leadership at the University of Southern California.

Dr. Sebelski began her clinical work in 1998 as a full time clinical faculty member at hospital associated the University of Southern California. She worked on the rehabilitation unit, neurologic floors and acute care floors prior to transferring to the outpatient center. Throughout these years, she was teaching at the University of Southern California Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy in the entry level DPT program. In 2005, she came to USC as a full time academic faculty member as the Director of Clinical Education. She changed the location of her clinical practice to the USC Physical Therapies Associates. Dr. Sebelski was extensively involved in the Division's orthopedic courses and in courses on differential diagnosis in the entry level program. Dr. Sebelski also served as a clinical mentor for the USC Orthopedic Residency program. Additionally, she founded a continuing education program based on the philosophy of educating the clinical instructors of USC's DPT students. This program was formalized and elevated to a key portion of the Division's Strategic Plan and she earned the additional position of Director of Continuing Education. She served at the University of Southern California from 1998 to 2008 before moving to the Midwest and her current position at Saint Louis University.

Her accomplishments in teaching have been noted through the USC Division of Biokinesiology awards for clinical educator excellence (2003) and the Outstanding Teacher Award (2006). Aside from her academic appointments, Dr. Sebelski has lectured nation and internationally on the topics of shoulder rehabilitation and differential diagnosis. Nationally, she has lectured on the topics of elbow rehabilitation, core training, evidence based utilization of taping, and the kinetic chain. She is a published author on the topics of shoulder rehabilitation, elbow rehabilitation, and differential diagnosis. Dr. Sebelski maintains clinical practice in outpatient orthopedics Saint Louis University faculty practice at the Saint Louis University Student Health Center.

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