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Course Description

This course is intended for physical therapists with experience managing patients with dizziness whom wish to improve their skill in differen­tial diagnosis, manual examination and treatment of those patients whose dizziness has a cervicogenic component. The emphasis of this course will be on evidence-based practice, acquiring examination and treatment skills in lab sessions, and testing for competency in these skills.

Participants should have a working knowledge of central and peripheral vestibular disorders and the ability to begin to differentiate their various presentations since this course will focus on the cervical as­pects of dizzy complaints. Pre-assigned readings will familiar­ize the participant with the relevant literature, allowing the majority of time and emphasis to be on practicing motor skills.

The course begins on Friday eve­ning with a discussion of the evidence regarding the existence and presen­tation of cervicogenic dizziness. Sat­urday morning will begin with a writ­ten ex­amination. Lab sessions on Saturday and Sunday will allow prac­tice of examination and intervention skills. Each day will conclude with a practical exam. Participants who pass all exams (>75% score) will receive a certificate of achievement. Therapists will be able to immediately apply acquired skills in the clinical setting.

Level: Intermediate

Audience: Physical Therapists

Course Information

Rob Landel, PT, DPT, OCS, FAPTA has been treating vestibular patients for nearly 15 years, at USC Physical Ther­apy Associ­ates, the faculty practice he founded in 1989. He has taught orthopedic physical therapy, vestibular rehabilita­tion, balance re­training, and fall preven­tion to physi­cians and physical therapists across the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. He has presented at professional meet­ings locally, nationally and in­ternationally. He is on the faculty of the Vesti­bular Reha­bilitation Competency Course series sponsored by Emory University and the APTA, directed by Susan Herdman, PT, PhD. He is an associate professor of clinical physical therapy in the Department of Bi­okine­siology and Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California. A graduate of USC in 1984 with a mas­ter's degree, he earned his OCS in 1992, and his DPT degree in 1996. 

Instructors will be added as necessary to insure a high student to teacher lab ratio.

Objectives: The participant will be able to:

  1. Discuss the literature relevant to the etiology, diagnosis and management of cervicogenic dizziness.
  2. Recognize and differentiate the causes and clinical presentation of cervicogenic dizziness.
  3. Determine when referral to another health care provider is warranted.

Course Schedule


Friday (breaks given am/pm)


Registration-start time differs per course


Lecture: Cervicogenic Dizziness: the evidence, the controversy.

Differential diagnosis of cervicogenic dizziness

History: Identification of red flags 







Review: Central and Peripheral Vestibular Examination


Physical Examination of the C-spine

  • Upper cervical hypermobility 
  • AROM: hypothesizing location of movement restrictions 
  • VBI vs. BPPV


Lunch (OYO)


  • Passive movement testing


Practice time


Written Test on Readings –Friday lecture


Competency testing: Physical Exam





Manual intervention

  • Joint mobilization
  • Soft tissue intervention
  • Traction

Exercise intervention & Home program


Practice time 2 and Lunch (OYO)

1:00- 4:00

Competency testing: Intervention


Approved for 2.0CEU’s

  1. Perform a physical examination of the cervical spine relevant to cervicogenic dizziness, and interpret the results.
  2. Design, perform and teach an appropriate intervention program to address the deficiencies identified in a person with cervicogenic dizziness.
  3. Perform manual interventions to the cervical spine that are appropriate for cervicogenic dizziness.

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Cancellation Policy: A full refund less a $25 fee if cancellations made 3 weeks before the course. If made less than 3 weeks before the course, a $100 fee will be charged. Notice of cancellation must be received in writing. All fees will be refunded if the instructor cancels the course, however no other expenses incurred by registered participants will be refunded.

Pricing options

Regular pricing is for non APTA members. APTA Member be sure to select the APTA Member pricing.